24 september 2019 publish date

At Munich Airport ...

Interestingly, both Iulian Boiko and Sergei Isaenko passed September 21-22, 2019.Iulian spoke strongly and firmly at the 2nd stage of the Challenge Tour in Newbury. He went through two rounds in the third round with a score of 2: 2 and completing a series of 46 missed the last red, as a result, losing to the opponent, as it turned out to be the future winner of stage 2. So far, this episode is scrolling through Iulian's head. I witnessed every match and saw, of course, this game. Rivals for each frame made 1-2 mistakes, it was a game of the highest class! We will believe that at the next stage of the Challenge Tour, 5-6.10.19 in Leeds (England) our players will show the same game! Sergei Isayenko made his debut in the German Bundesliga Club Championship, playing for BC STUTTGART 1891, and his debut was successful! Three matches out of four is the best performance on the team, along with second legionary Robbie James of England. The games were away. The first match took place in Koblenz, three hours away from Stuttgart and the boys lost 2: 6. Sergei lost one match and the other won, the next day the team of Stuttgart played in Russell, 1.5 hours away by car. 7: 1 - a clear away victory! We will remind, for each won match the team is awarded 3 points, a draw - 1, with a loss - 0. Last year the team of Stuttgart took 3rd place in the Bundesliga.
Impressed with being at the center of these events and very tired we return home. Iulian and me arrived on the way to Stuttgart, talked on snooker topics with the club owner, further prospects for cooperation, went to Munich in the evening, and in the morning home, the report was written at the Munich airport.
We were very pleased to see and feel how sick Anton Solomko was, who was able to come to Newbury and support us!
Good day to all and, of course, friends, thank you for your support and faith in what we do!
Sincerely, Serhii Boiko