18 may 2019 publish date

Snooker academy Mariupol

Snooker academy Mariupol

In 2018 the Academy of Snooker Mariupol was founded. She was headed by the Head of the Separated Division of the National Snooker Federation in Donetsk Oblast - Andrii Makeev.

You can get consultation on the conditions of training in the Academy

at the telephone number +380 97 273 1339


Andrii Makeev

is an experienced player and coach, he is constantly improving himself. Under his leadership, the first country snooker method "Snooker. Features of the game" was developed and published. Method of constructing a multi-year training process, 12 steps of billiard skill, exercises for beginners, training schemes for level players of the Master of Sports and much more!

Opening Snooker academy Mariupol

On the occasion of the opening of the Academy of Snooker, the international rating tournament "Autumn breeze 2018" took place. The players from Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova gathered. 




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