12 july 2020 publish date


We are grateful to each participant for the questions asked and decided to reward everyone without exception!

Thank you for your questions and interest in snooker!

To receive a prize, all participants will be contacted!
Thank you for participating!


  • Anton Ihonin
  • Dmitriy Dobie
  • Andriy shumsky
  • Volodymyr basystyi
  • Danylo dyzhak
  • Nikita Rudenko
  • Anton Fedyushin
  • Makar Lutskyi
  • Nina sypenkoo
  • Anton Solomko
  • Dmitro Aveskulov
  • Denis Ohrimenko
  • Pavel Feoktistov
  • Herman Chulochnikov
  • Vitaly Kiev
  • Eugene Ragulin

P.S. If you have not contacted anyone, write to link