22 september 2019 publish date

Congratulations on Iulian Boiko's birthday!

Active and positive, leading snooker player of Ukraine Iulian Boiko congratulations Happy Birthday! As a 13-year-old plaer, you've done a lot, among your accomplishments: the youngest player to make a sensor - break in the International Tournament (Q-School 2019) - Record Would Snooker, the youngest master of sports in Ukraine in billiard sports (2019), and much more ! We are waiting for the title of the youngest Main Tour player! We wish that every achievement of yours would bring you closer to your cherished dream! May your life be filled with good emotions and sincere feelings! High results and beautiful wins!
Enjoyment and success to your parents Valentina Zimina and Serhii Boiko!

PS And today, the undisputed victory in the match Iulian Boiko VS Jake Nicholson