03 august 2019 publish date

Cup of Ukraine Stage III completed

Tonight the Snooker Cup of Ukraine - Stage III ended. Congratulations to Sergiy Isayenko, hi is the runner up , and Iulian Boiko with the bronze award! The guys showed a great game, pleased with the breaks! Serial player of the tournament - Serhii Isaenko, showed breaks - 71, 46, 44, and 43 points, Iulian Boiko - 65, 41 points, and Andrii Shulha - break of 49 points.
Unfortunately, the organizers of the competition for some reason and without warning changed the schedule, and the final match was not held on August 3, as planned, but late in the evening on August 2. In our opinion, this is one of the reasons for the outcome of Serhii Isaenko in the final ....
Today in the same location - BC Snooker Lviv  the International BALTIC SNOOKER LEAGUE Tournament has started. We wish success to our team consisting of Serghii Isaenko, Iulian Boiko, Andrii Shulha, Heorgii Petrunko, Petro Sydorenko, Roman Blakyta.