04 june 2019 publish date

Fourth of June

            Fourth of June in English Vigan completes QSchool-2019. The names of eight more winners will be determined who will get places in the Main tour for the next two seasons (2019 / 2020-2020 / 2021). In addition to four players who will become stronger in the third round, four more by rating will become professionals, which includes the results of all three rounds.

One winner is already known. The main tour will be replenished by a 16-year-old Chinese. Ci Jiahu, although he did not hit the four in any round (in the third round, lost in the fourth round - the 1/16 final of Alexander Ursenbacher), but the amount of performances became inaccessible to competitors. Exit to the fifth, sixth, and fourth rounds provided Ci Jiahu with 53 points.
The second in the rating is compatriot and peer Lee Pefan. Like C, he lost in the fourth round of the third round of Barry Pinsche, but, unlike Ci Jia, he still did not guarantee a professional license. Competitors are on the heels. Places from the third to the sixth in the ranking occupied by players who continue to fight in the third round. This is our familiar Billy Joe Castle, who beat Iulian Boiko in the contests in the second round, the 17-year-old Irishman Ross Ballman, and well-known British ex Prof Andy Hicks and Peter Lines. Has not lost the theoretical chance to get ranked in the mainstream German Lucas Clexers, who is the seventh.

Iulian Boiko now occupies 60th place in the ranking with 23 points and confidently gets into a challenge tour. To understand the significance of this achievement, we note that, behind Boyko, a dozen and a half players with experience in the main tour took their places.
Now let's see who pretends to enter the main tour in the third round.

In the struggle for the first license, the 48-year-old veteran of the main tour from England Barry Pinches is opposed by three young players - 21-year-old compatriot Shane Castle, with whom Pniches will play in the 1/8 finals, 22-year-old Chinese Lon Zehuan and 19-year-old Irish Fergal Quinn. Lawn and Quinn play each other, the winner in the decisive match will meet either Pinches or Kasley. Let's try to put on the Chinese player.
The two acting professionals are Alan Taylor and Billie Joe Castle, the famous Maltese veteran Alex Borg, and the 17-year-old discovery of QSchool from England, Cayden Brierley, is a group of applicants for another license. Based on the fact that Castle no longer needs to win, it will be enough to take one frime from the young Brierly, a favorite in this four is Alan Taylor.

Very serious competition in the fight for the third license. There are also two acting professionals - Alexander Ursenbacher and Peter Lines, and two more ex-profe - Fan Syunman and Zak Suret, who, as we remember, beat Boyko in the second round. What is the end - it is extremely difficult to say, our favorite - Ursenbacher. Lines, if he wins the Suret, enters the main rating tour, regardless of the outcome of the final game.  English veteran  Andy Hicks would look like a favorite in another fight for one place on the tour, but the fact is that he simply needs to win three frames in the fifth round against 24-year-old Australian Ryan Thomrson, and he will be released to Maine tour rated. In the same part of the grid, 17-year-old Irishman Ross Balmen and 37-year-old player from China, Yang Qintian, who played in the main tour one season in 2003/2004. The situation is even more unpredictable than the previous one with the participation of Ursenbacher and Lines, but we will try to bet on Ross Balman.
And within a few hours, the strongest QSchool in all time and important for Ukraine will go down in history.