23 february 2021 publish date

NSFU is renaming to Iulian Boiko Team on social networks

Dear subscribers! Dear snooker fans!

As you know, the level of our players' preparation is greatly improving, and along with that, snooker is becoming more and more popular kind of billiard sports in our country. The peculiar confirmation of this fact is that Iulian Boiko has received the professional World Snooker Tour license at the age of 14. We are proud of our young talented sportsman’s achievement and will be promoting players’ growth to the professional level in Ukraine.
Therefore, we decided to change the name of our pages on social networks from the National Snooker Federation of Ukraine to Iulian Boiko Team. As you may have noticed, we have already partially implemented this idea by renaming our YouTube channel. Iulian Boyko's personal website iulianboiko.com is also being prepared and will be launched soon. The negotiations are underway with technical support to completely rename Facebook page after we had already changing of the username, the logo and the main information.

Thanks for support! Cheer together!

NSFU president

Serhii Boiko