13 august 2019 publish date

Paul Hunter Classic is next!

On August, 22-23 qualification of the Paul Hunter Classik tournament will take place in Nuremberg in Germany. Our leaders are ready to go! Suitcases collected, cues packed, fighting mood!
The last preparation was the tournament of the League of Kyiv, last Saturday, on 10, August. They took the first two places and demonstrated breaks: Iulian Boiko 89, 76, 52; Sergiy Isaanko - 74, 70, 59, 52.
36 players participate in the qualification, these are representatives of England, Austria, Syria, Egypt, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malta, Armenia, Ukraine and Germany. Twelve groups, each of three players. Matches in groups best of five.
The lot determined rivals Iulian Boiko of the German Blang Thomas and Hojan Darko from Croatia, who registered for the Independence Day Cup, this will be a test of strength before traveling to Kyiv.

Sergey Isaenko will meet with the Romanian Mateescu Constantin and the representative of the hosts - Schweikl Felix. Sergey and Iulian have two matches to prove their superiority.
We believe in the success of our players! One trip to the main stage and we will start hunting for it on August 22!

  • Isaenko Sergey-Mateescu Constantin -10:00
  • Schweikl Felix-Isaenko Sergey -16:00
  • Boiko Iulian-Hojan Darko -10:00
  • Blang Thomas-Boiko Iulian -16:00

We will keep you posted!
Serhii Boiko