03 january 2020 publish date

Readiness is number one!

Today, January 03, the best players of the planet under 17 will meet in Malta for the World Cup.  In this tournament, the winner receives a professional league pass - Main Tour.Ukraine will be represented by two of the best snooker players, juniors.

  • Anton Kazakov, Master of Sports of the International Class, age -15 years - Champion of Ukraine 2019;
  • Iulian Boiko, Master of Sports of Ukraine, age 14, winner of the 2019 Ukraine Final Cup.

It is a great honor and good luck for the Ukrainian snooker to put on a tournament of two real fighters in this prestigious tournament. We cheer, support and wish good luck to our athletes! We will keep you, dear snooker lovers, up to date on what is happening at this tournament! In a small video, the latest preparations before departure.

Yours sincerely,

Serhii Boiko (Serhii Boiko)