12 june 2020 publish date

The first day as a professional player!

Hello, friends! As you know, starting from Autumn Iulian Boiko  (Юлиан Бойко (Iulian Boiko) will perform in the professional snooker tournament. It’s been unexpected and nice news for us. It’s hard to imagine what a 14-year-old person might feel and experience, knowing that he’ll have matches with his idols.

The team snooker championship of Ukraine will be held on the 19-20th of June. It’s very likely that it’ll be the last national championship for our young snooker player. All snooker players are welcomed in order to match their strengths in this tournament and have a good time while playing their favorite game. As usual, during the tournament live broadcasts are expected, while semifinals and finals are being commented by Ruslan Korynenko and myself. I think that when we invite Iulian to our commentary box, he might be able to answer to your questions. Your support and faith in what we do have been always important for us. You can put your questions in the comments attached to this post. The five best ones will win a prize, each will get 500 hryvna, and the following five will get 250 hryvna each.

We’ve reached the new highest level in the development of snooker in Ukraine, which is unknown for us. Certainly, there’ll be changes in the development and population of snooker not only in our country! At this level of tournaments, we’ll have to deal with many new and previously unknown questions, which will take time away from us. But we can see that those titanic efforts, which we’ve already made and keep making, have brought us victory – we’re added to the list of the best 128 snooker players of the world! Will we hold steady there? Many are skeptical about it, but we’re used to it, since I’ve been listening to it for over 8 years (on the 1st of September it will be 9 sharp), that we won’t succeed. I’m sure that we’ll do our best, or to be more precise, as usual – the impossible, in order to establish ourselves there and please our snooker lovers for many years and wait for backup from our young players! The good thing is that we’ll gain new knowledge.

Dear friends, with all my heart, I’m congratulating all snooker lovers, who’ve been devotedly following our performances as well as supporting us. I’m congratulating snooker lovers, who’ve doubted and criticized us – your criticism has made us more ingenious! I’m congratulating those who has had absolutely no faith in us – you’ve made us stronger! What concerns our enemies, I can’t congratulate them just because we had no enemies, and we’re very lucky because of that! In these tough times, when there’s so much uncertainty, diseases, and the negative, we want to share with you our joy and impressions! We believe that in the near future things will straighten out and life will become more beautiful! From myself personally, and from our professional team, we wish you all a nice time! We call your attention to the video – the 1st momentous day after discovering that Iulian received a 2-year license.

Serhii Boiko