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Seminar for referees of NFSU by Evgeniy Kamelkov
The second Saturday of the new year. The “old new year”. In the snooker academy in Znamyanka the life is in full swing. A seminar for referees has been conducted here by the NFSU’s coach, Evgeniy Kamelkov. The leading players of the FSU of Kirovograd region were taking part there in order to be able to combine playing snooker and refereeing. The head of the FSU of Kirovograd region is Anna Lisovenko, the coaches are Alexey Zhurba, Natalia Plokhova, Dmitry Chernetsky, the snooker players are Anton Synokop, Alexander Kruk, and the young members of the FSU are Slavik Vitsinsky and Margo Lisovenko. This year we are planning to launch a series of Tournaments of Women’s League of the FSU, as well as a series of tournaments U19 of the FSU of Kirovograd region. So that all matches are held on the highest level possible and with a view to avoiding any arguments during them, the seminar was dedicated to enhancing qualification of the referees in the Kirovograd region. This seminar covered basics. The further improvement of qualifications depends on the number of the matches refereed and further training for obtaining the national and international status of a referee.
We wish all the participants success at the table!

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