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Today, March 20, the Kyiv club “Leader” has hosted the first round of “THE TOURNAMENT OF THE STRONGEST” 2017.
The right to participate in the tournament has been won by:
Vladyslav Vyshnevsky
Sergey Isayenko
Denys Khmelevsky
Julian Boiko
Sergey Petrash
Andrey Shulga

Unfortunately, not all of the six players managed to take part in the tournament. In particular, Denys Khmelevsky has not come due to personal reasons. 

The similar tournament, which had taken place last December, was won by Vladyslav Vyshnevsky. Yesterday he won the first stage of Ukraine’s Snooker Cup, having beaten Sergey Isayenko in the semi-final 3:1 and Sergey Petrash in the final 3-2, which is a nice result. We will wait and see his performance this time.  

It will also be interesting to watch Julian Boiko play, who had only yesterday come back from the European Championship on Cyprus. It is not clear yet whether Julian will manage to get acclimated and show decent performance. 

Another participant, Andrey Shulga, who is now in nice shape, is playing with a new cue. Let’s see how many frames and matches he can win. 

This is going to be a real battle on the green baize… The players will use the cues like generals use their weapons. Its majesty the “cue ball” will hit the army of the reds and the colours. Let’s see whether the players will be able to tame it and how many reds they will pot!

To follow the matches live, please visit http://snookershot.com/tournaments?id=107

We wish all the players to have nice game and to control their emotions and excitement, which are bound to be expressed at the table! 


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