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The coach… for every sportsman this is not a mere word. It is full of hundreds of days and years of exhausting practicing, of painful losses and, of course, of triumphs and wins!... The friendship between Julian Boiko and a great coach, PJ Nolan, has been going on for several years now. During their every meeting PJ Nolan has some important things to say to Julian. He is so sincere in his efforts to help Julian overcome losses, which do occur in most of the cases. However, this is the real destiny of the Coach – to help the player in hard times and to assist him for it is easy to have people admire you when you are at the peak of your success. Only the coach knows how difficult it was to gain this success after thousands of failures! We would like to thank PJ for his ceaseless diligent work, sympathy and warmth. Thank you PJ Nolan for your help in mastering the game of snooker! From Julian, from his parents and from all snooker fans in Ukraine. The photo was taken at the European Snooker Championship in Sophia (Bulgaria) in February 2018.

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