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A three day female snooker festival is over! As a result, one cannot but notice a higher level of its participants. This year a total of 18 representatives of the fairer sex have taken part in the national NFSU championship. Simultaneously, some girls were participating in the regional competitions of the NFSU in Lviv and Kyiv, so one can speak of a great potential! The level of performance has also increased, since junior players have by no means playing worse than their senior competitors! Each participant has made her own contribution to development of snooker in Ukraine, in particular, women’s snooker! All participants have received accolades from the NFSU – beautiful spring flowers along with sweets! In three days a total of 39 matches have been played! Cueists from Znamyanka - Polina Samoylenko, Anna Landyreva, Oleksandra Zolotukhina, Alina Taborovets, from Kropyvnytsky – Hanna and Margarita Lisovenko, from Lviv – Valentyna Pinchuk, and from Kyiv – Maria Bucharska, have made it to the play-off rounds! The quarter-finals were really tense, for the future of the medal places was at stake. Alina Taborovets, Anna Landyreva, Valentyna Pinchuk and Oleksandra Zolotukhina have taken the fifth place. The girls received the prize money, flowers and experience! The results of the semi-finals came as a surprise, Polina Samoylenko has beaten Margarita Lisovenko 2-0 (52-27, 64-33), with the former making her way into the final and the latter taking the third place. Maria Bucharska managed to get the upper hand in a match against Hanna Lisovenko. 2-0. The main referee of the tournament, Hanna Lisovenko, has taken the third place! Congratulations! The final match (best of 5) between Maria Bucharska and Polina Samoylenko has lasted for 2,5 hours! More than fifty viewers were following the match online! It is really nice that a 14-year-old Polina has shown her best performance against the experienced competitor. Polina was by no means intimidated by the experience and status of the Ukraine’s Champion! Hanna Lisovenko, Polina’s coach, has shared her thoughts on the match, “Polina managed to show what I’d been expecting from her. I am really satisfied! She gave it all.” You can watch the game by clicking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgEjxHTYGe0
We congratulate Polina on her silver medal! We wish her to have lots of patience while practicing, diligence and big breaks! Congratulations to Maria on her title! We wish her lots of enthusiastic drive, a spring mood, love and new wins! The performance of the Znamyanka rock band “Misto dorig” (A city of roads) has been a nice bonus to the whole atmosphere of the championship! The band had won a call for tenders announced by the organizers of the championship. Everyone was able to vote for the band they would like to listen to at the end of the championship. “The trick shot competition” has also been organized for the girls! You all have become its participants! More than 300 users had registered on the portal www.snookershot.com and voted for the participants of the competition! The winner is Alina Taborovets. As a gift, she has received a nice handmade cue!

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