м.Київ 01021, вул.Грушевского 28/2, оф.43

Today Ukrainian sportsmen have arrived from Sheffield right to the tournament venue, not to the hotel. The hotel, where we had booked rooms before, is situated 900 meters from the venue. We were amazed by the town where QSchool will be held. It’s quite clean and cozy. The town of one street, so to speak. However, one gets an impression of a film setting in the Wild West of America. We were strolling down the street and could feel our ears burning. We were really out of place there and made an impression of intruders. This entertained us a lot. We walked another 100 meters and suddenly heard two people having a loud argument with one another in perfect and clean Russian. Funny. The town is beautiful and cared-for. We checked in the hotel. Lots of snooker players are staying there, including our friend Andrey Petrov from Estonia. After the check-in we went to grab some food. Now we are having some rest. Tomorrow morning Iulian’s practice session starts at 10.20. Sergey’s starts at 13.00. The players are in a perfect mood watching their opponents play. One has to be a real knight here in order to win! It’s great to see harness of a knight at the entrance to the hotel. Our sportsmen might want to wear it one day… Or maybe they will play adroitly in the spirit of their ancestors Cossacks?... We will find it out soon…

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