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Tomorrow our players will resume their matches at the QSchool. Sergey Isayenko starts playing at 11.00. After the previous losses in the first two matches the players have been having a rough time. They have constantly been thinking about the chances they had blown during their matches, about why they had failed since they had always been showing good game during practice sessions, about what they are supposed to do, and so on and so forth… At times such thoughts might lead to unwanted consequences and affect the player’s performance, even his career. Burton is hosting players of a totally different calibre. That is why our players are experiencing feelings and emotions they have never encountered before. They will conduct a detailed analysis of what has happened here a bit later. To my mind, a course of psychotherapy will have to be taken inevitably. The best way to get rid of superfluous and harmful thoughts is and always has been hard work! This is exactly why we have made a decision to go to Sheffield and to practice there. Not everyone was quite happy about it, but after the lots were drawn we set off to Sheffield. Andres Petrov came up with a very interesting thought on our way to the railway station. You can listen to it in the video. You can’t cut any word out of it! The transfer from Burton to Sheffield took 50 minutes. Sergey managed to drop off. Iulian was loath to go to Sheffield and was trying to display his dissatisfaction in every way possible. But one can’t ignore the decision made by the vast majority! Nonetheless, the practice session passed smoothly. We came back home in the evening. Today in the morning the players are heading to Sheffield again to practice. The weather is mainly sunny. On the whole, everyone is acquiring their normal working condition. The last part of the video contains footage of the railway station in Sheffield. Have a nice day everyone!

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