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On 20 May, 2018 Sergey Isayenko won a match at the QSchool in England for the very first time in the history of Ukrainian snooker! Sergey beat Tam Mustafa 4:1. In the second frame Sergey made a break of 73. At this tournament that was the second match when Sergey started scoring heavily, making 50+ breaks. The win was quite difficult to achieve, despite the convincing score. One has to take into consideration the fact that Sergey now needs 23,6 seconds to make a shot compared to the previous 33,5 seconds. Moreover, Sergey chose to play safe, excluding any risky shots. He was in full concentration during the whole match. These factors led to his victory. Sergey himself said after the match that all his muscles were strained to their extreme during the last frame, when he was leading 45:0. He could not relax for a second! The last four shots came especially difficult, until the match ball was played. Before the match we had taken a stroll in the park, where Sergey runs every morning from 3 to 5 km. We inhaled a beautiful scent of a fresh city park and its river. We took a look at bridges, swans, ducks and nice people. We also took a few snapshots to remember. After the match Sergey was excited and inspired, just as were we! Such wins are tantamount at least to the title of the champion of Ukraine, judging both by the level of play and the level of emotions and adrenalin. After the game we took a walk in the beautiful park. We are now anticipating the dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Have a nice evening everybody and not too hard a Monday. Sergey plays his next match on 22 May at 9.00. Iulian Boiko plays his on the same day at 19.00.
The author of the article is Serhii Boiko.

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