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We’ve had a day off today. So, we’ve made another visit (which had been planned back in Kyiv) to a snooker equipment shop CRAFTSMAN CUES, located in Leeds. We had ordered cues there online before. Now an opportunity has presented itself to check the shop out for ourselves. It took us nearly 2 hours to get to Leeds from Burton. For the reason best known for the train, it got late for 40 minutes. We took a cab all the way from the railway station to the shop. A typical building, ordinary entrance. But inside… It was worth seeing. The most pleasant thing was a snooker table where once can test any cue. Iulian had wanted to buy the whole cue right from this shop. Before, Iulian had acquired a cue from this company ¾ in a perfect condition. That cue was unfortunately stolen at the club “Leader” back in 2014 during the Ukrainian championship. Only now have we managed to buy the thing we had so much cherished all this time. There were several options. We chose the one that was to Iulian’s liking. It weighs 17,5 ounces, is 148 cm long and its tip is 9,2 mm wide. We also bought a set of tips elk master, kamui (10 pounds apiece), which is a bit expensive, in our opinion. One hour spent there was like a blink of an eye! We are now hurrying up for our train. The cab driver was the one that had previously taken us to this shop. 20 minutes before the departure we managed to grab some “healthy and tasty” food at McDonald’s. Now we are in a train, having a comfortable trip back home, in silence. Air conditioning is on; it’s even a bit chilly. The car is half empty. Tomorrow… Well, we will think tomorrow about tomorrow! For now we are grateful to Heavens for a sunny and successful day! Have a nice evening everyone!
The author of the footage and the article is Serhii Boiko 21.05.2018

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