м.Київ 01021, вул.Грушевского 28/2, оф.43

24 May in Burton we moved from the hotel to an apartment situated on the outskirts of Burton in a cottage part of the town. Everything is clean and well-groomed here. Each house hosts one or two cars. Today as usual Sergey Isayenko was having his morning run when he discovered a splendid place. A canal in the national Burton’s forest. Today we took a stroll there. We watched people live proper life on boats, which Sergey nicknamed “sausage” due to their long-drawn-out form, or maybe he was peckish after his run. Sergey’s first words after the run were “Let’s go for a walk! I will show you the “sausage”!” We were a bit confused by this. Later on we were amazed by the beauty, sluggishness, and even harmony that is made up by geese, ducks, dogs and canal with cruisers. I can’t properly explain the thing we saw next. These boats have solar cell batteries on them. Through illuminator we managed to see the windows of a kitchen, a bedroom… After a one-hour walk we were fully relaxed. Now we are all focusing, especially Iulian Boiko, on the upcoming match that starts at 16.00 Kyiv time. Tune in, watch it live (if available) and cheer up! It is going to be fun!

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