м.Київ 01021, вул.Грушевского 28/2, оф.43

0:4... The last match is lost. The last chance to show one’s best this year has been wasted… Iulian Boiko is the first of our players to have been eliminated from the prestigious tournament QSchool in Burton, which allows 12 people to get through to the Main Tour and 64 players to enter the Challenge Tour. None of the tasks we had set before has been completed, except for the experience that we have gained. Iulian is bitterly disconsolate… to the degree that Burton’s police wanted to cheer him up and take a selfie together! This means that Iulian will come back to this town! Have a nice day everyone! I hope you will enjoy the Champions League final! Thanks everyone for supporting Iulian! Let’s cross fingers for Sergey Isayenko, whose game starts on 29 May.

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