м.Київ 01021, вул.Грушевского 28/2, оф.43

Back at home! How nice it is to get back home, to know that someone is waiting for you! We got up at 5 a.m. It took us three hours to get to the airport with cumbersome bags and luggage. The whole rigmarole at the registration desk. Three hours of waiting in the airport. Another three hours on a plane. And now we are in Boryspil! After a short moment a crowd is waving to you! It is very pleasing to realize that we keep the tradition alive to meet the players after their long stay abroad where they had been playing in the tournaments. Friends! It is a great pleasure to feel our delicious sweet cherries, strawberries, sunny smiles, sincere happiness and real sun with its rays full of warmth, Ukrainian warmth! A cat or dog is waiting for someone at home, and someone is going to eat homey pilaf with rissoles and the “Napoleon” cake… We have been missing this for so long! You realize this once you come back home after a long absence! Thanks for welcoming us at home, friends! We were really pleased! Tomorrow the practice sessions will resume… Again and again, each and every day one has to prove that one is the best! Have a nice evening everyone! We will see you at the Ukrainian U-16 Championship, which kicks off on Saturday at 13.00 in Leader. There have been submitted more than 43 applications! A real surprise! Snooker is moving forward and this inspires us!
P.S. A few words about the contest regarding the participation of our players at the QSchool. The NFSU has made a decision, according to which everyone who has participated in the contest should be named as winners for they believed in our players, Iulian Boiko and Sergey Isayenko! The players were feeling the support and tried to play accordingly. It is impossible to say which one of the two showed a better play. They helped one another in a team spirit, they believed in one another! All the payments will be made on 2 June.

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