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Where lies the benefit of the tournaments of long continuance? In the fact that one can make new friends! The participation in the QSchool has given us an opportunity to make a new acquaintance. We all know Andres Petrov pretty well. However, as the luck would have it, at this tournament we became real friends. We were staying at the same hotel, making trips to Sheffield together, having our meals in the same cafes and restaurants, cheering one another up, discussing different issues of not only snooker but of life in general. Our players were able to see Andres from another perspective. Not at the snooker table, but in a daily routine. To see him as a real person! It was so interesting to watch Iulian Boiko discussing Sergey Isayenko’s every shot together with other fans, to watch their excitement, to watch the way Sergey and Iulian were following Andres’ games. No sooner had I expressed my opinion on how Andres’ game could be improved than Iulian lashed out at me, saying that Andres was playing really well and that he would definitely get into the main tour. Iulian carpeted me ruthlessly, asking me who I was to criticize Andres Petrov?! I drew one conclusion after the tournament: Andres is such a charismatic character that one can’t but give in to him! This could be proven by our brief, but nevertheless warm relationships. I am sure that Andres’ parents, Alla Petrova and Boris Petrov can be proud of their son! As for players participating in such tournament for the very first time, we were lucky to have Andres with us, who was quite supportive. He shared his interests with us and all the information and experience he had obtained previously when taking part in the tournament. He made us feel confident. We hope such a goal-oriented, talented, clever, erudite Estonian player will get into the main tour next year against all odds! Please, bear in mind Andres that you set the example for the Ukrainian players and everyone dreams of beating you, preferably in the final!) As a keepsake, you can watch a short video. At one point we can be seen in a Chinese restaurant, when the guys were eating something like… well, it can be well explained by a swear word… just watch their faces! Those who will guess what they are eating will get a prize from me!)
The author of the article and video is Serhii Boiko

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