м.Київ 01021, вул.Грушевского 28/2, оф.43

Our trip to the first round of the Challenge Tour is over. Iulian Boiko has lost 0:3. It would be fair to mention that the young player has been put to test by fate once again for his cue had been lost in Prague. We lost the precious hours in Birmingham airport. We were waiting way too long, wondering whether there had occurred a mistake and the cue had arrived with us… Then we wrote a claim… The taxi driver got confused and couldn’t find the road to the venue… As a result, we came just in time for the beginning of the match. None of Iulian’s acquaintances gave Iulian their cue so that the Ukrainian could get warmed up. The only thing we could find was a simple light cue without extension… The start of the match was predictable… Iulian could have won the second frame and scored heavily in the third… We were trying. We did our best… That was not our day… We have learnt this only now…

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