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It is a great pleasure to witness our federation’s development, whose main aim is to bring up new players of the national and world class. While Iulian Boiko is representing our country and the NFSU in Birmingham within the framework of the Challenge Tour, the representatives of regional snooker Academies are doing their best to pull up their best performance! Kyiv snooker Academy is represented by 9 players (Andriy Shulga coach), Lviv snooker Academy consists of 7 players (Alexander Tymruk), Znamyanka snooker Academy has 13 cueists (Dmytri Chernetski, Oleg Stepanenko, Hanna Lisovenko coaches), Moldova team comprises 3 participants (Ilya Kislyakov coach), Mariupol snooker Academy is being developed. Its sole representative is Yevhen Zotov.

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